Commissioner Update 08/03/22

G’day everyone just to give you all an update, apologies long post…a lot to cover!!!Our clubhouse has been cleared structurally but our grounds are still classed as a construction zone until further assessment and works can be undertaken. I have been on the phone with our insurer and we will be sending out information to the clubs for claims within the next day or so. I have had some further conversations with BNSW and BAUS and we are continuing to work together in what will be a mammoth undertaking to rebuild and then grow, I will keep you up to date as things develop in that space. The upstairs of the clubhouse is mostly clean now and the main area has been pressure cleaned, there’s still some work to be done in the kitchen and bathrooms, but we are getting there. The visitors change room has been hosed out and some work has started on hosing out some other areas (with thanks to some firies who helped us out). The umpires room is pitch dark and difficult to work in but work continues. You may have seen we have launched a go fund me. To explain our position on this, we have (and continue to) receive a large amount of calls and message of support from all corners of Australia and indeed overseas and keeping on top of all of the offers was becoming a difficult task. So to this end we decided after some discussion to launch a go fund me. To be clear our intentions are not aimed at local communities/families/businesses who have been effected by this horrible event, we know the community is hurting. We fully appreciate that there may be some sensitivities around this. Whilst it is not a perfect solution in the end it is a mechanism where by we can easily access and streamline monetary donations from people/organisations who have wanted to help. The go fund me is a way that people, in the larger baseball community can help us rebuild. The go fund me organisation provide receipts and it also allows us to easily track the donations and it is a recognisable, safe, and secure method of receiving funds from all over the world. We have also added an option on our webpage ( for those who would like to donate directly to us can do so. You should have a look at the video on the page if you haven’t done so already. The go fund me is part of our larger strategy that is captured by the webpage in that we have also incorporated a form that will allow people to register their support with regard to non monetary items, donations of gear, equipment etc etc. This approach will also allow us to keep track and make sure we are maximising the support that is being offered and not ending up with too many of an item. We understand that all of our clubs have lost equipment and kits and from the information I am receiving there are plenty of our wonderful extended baseball family who are willing to assist us in this regard. If you are approached by people/organisations willing to assist please point them to the FNC website or pass them onto Justin or myself if they wish to speak to someone. We are trying to centralise all recovery efforts through the board. Another thing that is happening is that Ryan Rowland Smith from NXTGen (who some may remember held a camp at Albert Park) reached out to us through Dan Clark and was keen to help us out. Justin, Dan, and Ryan had a conversation and NXTGen is intending to share our go fund me through their contacts along with some other targeted fundraising activities. We extend our thanks to NXTGen for their support. Whilst not directly related to the flood we have just received advice from BNSW on possible one off grants available to clubs and association due to impacts of covid….The Grassroots Sport Fund is a one-off grant of up to $1,000 to eligible local clubs and associations across the State to assist them with recovery from the impacts of COVID-19 and the recommencement of community sport.
The Grassroots Sport Fund will support eligible sporting clubs and associations affiliated to State Sporting Organisations (SSOs) and State Sporting Organisations for People with Disability (SSODs) recognised by the Office of Sport, and will assist organisations with fixed costs, irrecoverable costs due to cancellation of events that were incurred as a result of COVID-19 stay at home orders or for activities associated with a return to sport.
The application process for the Grassroots Sport Fund will be administered by Baseball NSW and supported by the Office of Sport where required. To Apply please follow the link below and complete the online form. encourage all of our FNCBA clubs to apply. Keep an eye out as we may put out some calls for assistance as things come to light that we need help with. As always we acknowledge and cannot thank enough those that have and continue to help us in anyway. It warms our hearts to see people arrive at the grounds and ask if we need assistance, we have people from far and wide stop in to help often with no direct association with us other than “I’m a baseball fan and just want to help”. Thanks also to the members of the community and businesses locally and far and wide who are feeding the volunteer army that has descended on Lismore. There was a delivery of sausage in bread to the grounds last week and I can tell you it was well appreciated by everyone l!!!!Thanks to everyone who has reacted to our calls for help at any stage, special shout out to those battling through mounds of dirty flood water soaked (aromatic) baseball pants, shirts, caps etc !!!!Also I have had some of our members reach out to ask if any members of the baseball community need assistance in clean up if you do please let me know and I’ll put you in contact. We will try and keep you updated as much as possible. Please remember if you need anything from us reach out and we will try and be there to assist where we can. -Craig Scheibel, FNCBA Commissioner.

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